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Brain Music Therapy finds, records, and reinforces brain waves that are associated with various physiological parameters, such as heart rate and muscle tension.

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Changes in brain activity correlate with physiological parameters and reflect on emotions and behavior. The rhythmic patterns of brain waves promote distinct meditative and activating states. Unfortunately, a person's desire to fall asleep does not always correspond to his/her brain wave state.
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Brain Music Therapy records brain waves using EEG (electroencephalogram) equipment, and translates them into unique musical compositions. These musical sounds are presented in the form of two music files: relaxing and activating. Listening those files reflects on individual brain wave patterns and promotes the desired state of mind.

The Procedure:

1 The physician provides a brief medical evaluation.
2 The patient fills out two questionnaires: Beck Depression Inventory and Subjective Sleep Scale.
3 The individual's key brain wave patterns are recorded using EEG equipment. The recording time is about 5 to 10 minutes, and the duration of the entire procedure is approximately 20-25 minutes. The procedure is painless and non-invasive.
4 For an optimal recording, patients have to keep still and attempt to bring themselves to a relaxed state.
5 The individual's brain wave patterns are processed through algorithms, which extract key healing rhythms, and translate them into a sound-based format of two musical compositions.
6 In approximately 3-4 weeks, the patients receive their personal brain music CD, which includes recommendations by a licensed physician.