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Who can benefit from Brain Music Therapy?

You can benefit from Brain Music Therapy if you are suffering from:

1 A sleeping disorder, such as insomnia.
2 Anxiety, such as a panic disorder, social phobia, generalized anxiety disorder, or posttraumatic stress disorder.
3 Depression, such as a major depressive disorder, or adjustment disorders with depression.
4 Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder. Individuals who experienced Brain Music Therapy, including both adults and children, demonstrate a significant increase in attention span, and improved performance and concentration on exams.
5 Migraine and tension headaches. Individuals who experienced Brain Music Therapy report significant decreases in intensity and severity of the pain during migraine attacks and tension headaches.

People who experience daily stress or a sudden increase in stress due to work or personal situations can also benefit from Brain Music Therapy. By reducing and eliminating imbalanced brain activity, Brain Music Therapy fights insomnia, anxiety, depression, stress, and headaches, and improves productivity and concentration.

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The following groups demonstrated improvement after Brain Music Therapy:

1 Substance abuse and/or dependence: Individuals who experienced Brain Music Therapy report a significant relief of withdrawal symptoms during the detoxification period.
2 Auditory Hallucinations: Individuals who experienced Brain Music Therapy report a considerable decrease in hearing voices.
3 Business people report higher levels of productivity and concentration.
4 Shift workers, such as medical, transportation, and night club personnel, report enhanced adaptive abilities.
5 Athletes demonstrate a significant improvement of their performance and higher results in competitions.
6 Members of the military report better performance and enhanced adaptive abilities.